Class- Let’s Talk Commission

Description- There’s a lot of talk about commissions these days, so let’s get down and dirty about getting paid! How can you best negotiate your commission with your client? Can you put your commission in the Contract? How should we deal with “discount Brokers” who offer less than what’s “typical”? What in the world is an i-Buyer? Where does Procuring Cause fit into all of this? We’ll briefly cover these questions and more!

Class- Let’s Play Lawyer with Earnest Money

Description- The market we’ve experienced the past several years has confronted Brokers with countless tricky situations….including the Client expecting us to have a crystal ball! When it comes to Earnest Money, let’s discuss how to stay out of trouble, keep our wallets out of it and how to maintain our sanity (did we ever have it in the first place?)! In this session, we’ll equip Brokers to education the Client when it comes to Earnest Money.