Class- Grand Openings

How to nail the first 90 seconds of an open house interaction so you can make the client feel comfortable and immediately position yourself as a trusted expert. Many agents feel a bunch of anxiety at an open house and aren’t sure how to start an interaction with a new client. The conversation ends up being awkward and ineffective. There is actually a simple formula that anyone can follow even if you are an introvert and meeting new prospects makes you nervous. This workshop will give you the formula so you can step into any open house with clarity and confidence.

Class- The Market Isn’t Crazy

Description- This workshop will help you make sense of a market that sometimes doesn’t seem to make sense. Too often we are quick to describe the market to our clients (and to ourselves) as crazy. Unfortunately, this description doesn’t offer any value or instill any confidence. It only makes people less likely to engage with you (because, let’s face it, who wants anything to do with “crazy?”)
It’s time to bring certainty and clarity to our clients so they can feel confident and see you as the market expert that you are. The market actually does make a lot of sense when you can see the long-term trends and understand the core fundamentals that drive everything that happens in the short term. You will walkaway from this workshop feeling clear about where the market is going and confident in your ability to explain it to your clients.