Class- Mindset and daily Tasks to Win:

Description- I would love to speak about how important it is to have the right mindset, in the book “Ninja Selling,” Larry writes about my story of being a single of 2 children under the ages of 3 and living in my moms basement. I was broken, discouraged, angry and felt helpless, this was not part of my plan in life. I had to change my mind set and focus on what I wanted. Working hard daily on small tasks as I managed being a mother and not even owning a home. Choosing to manage your time, your daily task and becoming who you want to be in the market is a daily choice. i would love to be able to inspire others, if I can do it they can too. I am humbled when I look at my numbers and I am recognized as a top producer. I came from a bank owned market and now work in the luxury market. The only real thing that changed was my belief system in myself and my value I was able to give t to others.